Quake 4

Quake 4

Quake 4 is the amazing and novel forth edition of the great Quake saga
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This fourth edition of the Quake saga begins with a terrible accident on the area that separates you from your attack squad, obliging you to go through the first levels on your own.
Quake 4 keeps some of the most remarkable features of the previous version, with monitors and interactive control panels that will allow us to activate mechanisms or open doors without shifting screens, i.e. you only have to click the buttons on the monitors.

An interesting change in the development of the action is that you are not going to fight the terrible Stroggs all by yourself, since you will have the support of elite squads made up of special marines who carry with them state-of-the-art technology. A great feature in this game is that you can hear conversations between the marines and you can also interact with them. Action takes place indoors as well as outside, where you can fight using tanks.

Of course Activision goes on surprising us with the amazing graphics that make up the futuristic environment in which the action is developed. It also brings multiplayer support and the possibility to play online.

Review summary


  • Outdoors battles make the game more dynamic and attractive
  • Improved graphics and great audio


  • A very good video card is required
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