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Quake 4 is the fourth videogame of the first-person-shooter saga Quake
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Quake 4 is the fourth videogame of the first-person-shooter saga Quake.
In the single player gameplay, the game continues with the storyline developed in Quake II, putting the player in a war against some extraterrestrial cyborgs known as Stroggs. The game continues with the story of a marine called Matthew Kane, who is a member of a military unit known as squadron Rhino. The mission of the Marines is to lock out the Stroggos planet, birthplace worlds of the Strogg, but his vessel is overthrown and here is where the action begins.
In the game several military vehicles can be flown and there will be fighting in squads when the squadron Rhino fighting with you. These squadrons include doctors and technicians who can cure or repair your armor. During the second half of the storyline, Kane will be captured and partly "Strogged" -- i.e, converted into a Strogg -- but the process is interrupted by the Marines and will not be completed, so that Kane regains freedom. This will add new skills to Kane, as the possibility of understanding Strogg communications , besides being more agile, and having more health and shield.

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