Quake 4

Quake 4 1.0

In Quake 4 demo, you can battle in two areas belonging to the Stroggs' planet
4.4  (54 votes)

The demo version of the fourth edition of the popular bloody action game Quake 4 gives you the possibility of enjoying some of the features of the original software.
You will be able to start the mission from the beginning, with the accident that separates you from the elite squad that is supposed to support you during the fight against the invaders Stroggs.

In the demo version, you can battle in two areas belonging to the Stroggs' planet, both indoors and outdoors. You are allowed to make use of all the guns, tanks and suits available.

Quake 4 Demo also offers multi-player support, and gives you the possibility of playing online for several days, until you finally decide to acquire the definitely worthy full version!

After you enjoy the great graphics, the incredible futuristic environment, the amazing variations in the development of the game, and the remarkable novelty of being accompanied during the fight -you are supported by an elite squad- you will not be able to resist the temptation of purchasing the full version of this game.

Review summary


  • The two missions you can go through show the magnificence of the graphics


  • Multiplayer Demo is not compatible with any other versions of QUAKE 4
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